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MagniShield Exterior Surface Protectant bonds to a vehicle’s windshield, creating a strong and durable protective barrier with a low resistance, static free, highly hydrophobic surface that repels dust, dirt and other environmental hazards and sheds and repels water, allowing insects and bird droppings to be easily washed away.


In addition to also enhancing visibility, vision clarity and safety, both day and night, MagniShield Exterior Surface Protectant produces a final finish that is scratch resistant and assists in the prevention of the damage to the windshield caused by minor impacts, chips and cracks

Minor Chips, Stars and Cracks to Front Windshield from Road Hazards and Road Debris 

Coverage Also Includes Zero Deductible & Free Rental Car with All Repairs*


*Rental car coverage is limited to $50 per day for 10 days.

No windshield coverage is available under this Warranty for residents of MA, FL, KY, and SC.

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