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MagniShield’s Exterior Vehicle Surface Protectant bonds to a vehicle’s alloy wheels creating a strong, durable hydrophobic protective barrier that repels water, brake dust, road grime, road salts and deicing agents, as well as many other environmental contaminants that can degrade an alloy wheel’s finish, while also blocking UV rays and the damage they can cause.


MagniShield not only seals and protects an alloy wheel’s finish, but also adds a sacrificial protective coating which results in an easy-to-clean, static-free, and low resistance surface that resists minor surface abrasions. 

Minor Surface Abrasions

Minor Curb Abrasions

Surface Corrosion & Pitting

Fading and Chalking

UV & Weather Damage

Hard Water Spots

Acid Rain Staining

Road Salts & Chemicals

Road Tar and Paint

And More


Coverage Also Includes Zero Deductible & Free Rental Car with All Repairs*

*Rental car coverage is limited to $50 per day for 10 days.

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