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Introducing the all new MagniShield



Timely, Compelling and Profitable Appearance Protection Products We Know Dealers & Customers Will Love... Because they design  them!

HAVE YOUR APPEARANCE PROTECTION PRODUCTS LOST THEIR LUSTER? Today's informed buyers know a vehicle's value is determined by its condition, and they're more interested in protecting that value than ever before. But they also know faded paint and stained upholstery aren't the menaces they once were.

So why sell a product line based on antiquated offerings that haven't been relevant in years? More importantly, why align yourself with a product designed to fail, by requiring customers to purchase protection they don't want, to qualify for protection they do want?

Freedom of Choice is the industry's first infinitely customizable Appearance Protection Plan ...

for Agencies, Dealers and Customers.

THE POWER OF CHOICE: Choose the Coverage, Remedies, Terms and more that best fit your brand, business model, clientele, from an every-evolving array of timely, in-demand, targeted Protection options that include the following and many others:

  • Dent and Ding Body Protection

  • Allow Wheel Appearance Protection

  • Exterior Paint and Finish Protection

  • Scratch and Abrasion Protection

  • Lighting Lenses/Capsules Protection

  • All Surface UV Damage Protection

  • Windshield Damage Protection

  • Appearance Depreciation Protection

  • HVAC Air Quality & Odor Protection

  • Microbial Infestation Protection

  • Mold/Mildew Occurrence Protection

  • Interior Tears, Cracks & Burn Protection

  • Passenger Cabin Stain Protection

  • Headliner Appearance Protection

  • Steering Wheel & Shift Knob Protection

  • Excess Wear and Tear Protection

Mix and match, add and subtract, all on one form or multiple forms, whatever suits your needs. And Freedom of Choice doesn't end with our  products and paper. We'll gladly accommodate all your reinsurance, retro and commission structure needs.

Want to learn more? Contact Mackie Hughes anytime:

(859) 421 - 4354 or please fill out our form.

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